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Smooth Rock
opportunities start with Connections

Smooth Rock Capital Management principals are constantly evaluating powerful economic forces and identifying opportunities that arise from them.

Focus on Growth

Smooth Rock focuses on health, energy, resources and financial services.

Building and Managing Companies

Teams are built around outstanding opportunities. Smooth Rock then works diligently with these teams to facilitate success.


Interesting and successful people know interesting and successful people. We believe it is these connections that are the foundation of our business.

Global Footprint

Smooth Rock works worldwide. This global footprint allows us to link knowledge, people and opportunities.

Support the Entrepreneur and the Management

Our interest lies in creating and growing value for the entrepreneur, management, as well as ourselves and our co-investors. The sustainability and durability of our enterprise depends on the success of all these parties.

Principals include:

Paul A. Spence, M.D., President

Paul Spence is a cardiac surgeon and Clinical Professor in Surgery at the University of Louisville. He holds 44 United States patents, is a founder of four venture-funded companies and has worked for four years as a venture capital strategic advisor.
Francis 'Chip' McNamara, III, Senior Partner

Francis "Chip" X. McNamara, III is a pharmacist who founded, operated and sold three healthcare service companies over the last 25 years. His most recent company, Integrity Health was acquired by Express Scripts.
James Liu, Managing Partner, China

James Liu is a senior partner at the prestigious Chinese Law Firm Jincheng and Tongda in Beijing. He lived in the United States for 14 years during which time he completed his legal education and subsequently managed a venture capital portfolio.

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