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100% Kill of MRSA, C-DIFF & Spores, Viruses and Bacteria in Less than 30 Minutes (up to 48 ft)
After six and a half years of developing the technology, Altapure, distributed by AltaCLEAN in Louisville, KY, introduces the HJ600. The HJ600 creates a vapor cloud in a defined room size that achieves a 100% kill of pathogens, bacteria and infectious bugs. Inclusive in these kill populations are the agents that cause Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) as well as Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff).

These kills have been shown to be effective at 100% levels-which is a claim that competitors cannot make at this time.

Presently the HJ600 is in a refinement stage where operator management will be honed down to failsafe levels. The HJ600 is contained in a housing unit, approximately twice the size of a large suitcase, on wheels enabling it to be easily transported. The weight, however, may be unwieldy for a small person so there is a 'tug' component available to move the machine if necessary. Additionally the rear of the unit carries a de-humidifier which helps to eliminate the vinegar-like odor that would otherwise linger after the process. Total application time, from start to finish, in a typical hospital patient size room is thirty (30) minutes.

We have engaged J.R. Reed + Associates in a number of business applications. Initially, while forming a mortgage banking group, JRR+A outshined larger firms both in creativity as well as format and pricing. Presently, in the AltaCLEAN journey against healthcare acquired infection, JRR+A has provided us with a platform that tells our story as well as educates the client. Our site has been recognized by many in our industry, including other distributors, as exemplary.
Paul Karem, President, AltaCLEAN, LLC

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