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ApoVax, Inc.
ApoVax, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing novel immunotherapies.
ApoVax, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing novel immunotherapies, which are treatments based on the concept of regulating the immune system to fight disease.

For example, the immune system can be activated to fight disease in cases such as cancer and infectious disease (Tuberculosis, Flu), or suppressed in instances of autoimmune disease and organ or tissue transplantation.

The Company's lead immunotherapy is ApoVax104, a novel, flexible, vaccine platform technology being applied to cancer and infectious diseases. In preclinical studies, the vaccine has proven to be much more effective and less toxic than other vaccine components currently being tested in late stage clinical trials by large pharmaceutical companies.

ApoVax104 is a recombinant protein vaccine that can be combined with any antigen to create disease-specific vaccines that have clinical value in a multitude of diseases. The first clinical application for the ApoVax104 platform is ApoVax104-HPV, a novel therapeutic vaccine for cervical cancer which will enter a Phase I clinical trial in Q3 2012.

ApoVax's second platform technology, ProtEx, is a technology that enables recombinant immunoregulatory proteins to be placed on the surface of cells, tissues, organs, and synthetic surfaces in order to modulate the immune system. The lead product for the ProtEx technology is ApoFasL which improves current organ and tissue transplant therapies by protecting the transplant from being attacked by the recipient's immune system when transplanted into the body. An added benefit of the technology is that it also reduces the need for powerful immunosuppressive drugs with highly toxic effects that are required after transplantation. The first clinical application for ApoFasL will be as an insulin replacement therapy for the treatment of Type I Diabetes.

Dr. Kathryn MacLeod, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development, ApoVax, Inc.

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